ETEMCO was founded in 1952 when four entrepreneurs shared a vision.

Joseph Chalala, Richard Bowers, Wayne R. Moffett, and Theodore Schwalm established ETEMCO to design  and manufacture test equipment for the RCA picture tube factory in Lancaster, PA. The business quickly grew into other areas of manufacturing and over the years that followed, evolved into a full service electronic and electromechanical manufacturing company. While our capabilities have advanced to keep up with the times – the key elements of our culture have remained constant – an obsession with satisfying the needs of our customers and a personal pride in both our individual and collective work.

This corporate β€œDNA” manifests itself in the way we communicate openly and effectively with our customers and vendors, in the quality of the products we build, in on-time delivery, in our response to inquiries from our customers, and in the integrity that is evident in every aspect of the business. The end result is a group of very loyal customers that know they can trust ETEMCO to provide what they need, when they need it, and at a very competitive cost.

Are you are looking for an exceptional contract electronics manufacturer? One with this kind of DNA? One who will actually listen to you and deliver what you expect when you expect it? Give us a call. We are ready to serve you.